Special moments in employee engagement and motivation

Engagement score increases by 8 percentage points to 74.2%

The purpose of Royal FloraHolland’s annual employee satisfaction survey is to further increase our strengths and address any opportunities for improvement. Once the results of the survey are available each year, the teams set out to work, and we focus on the improvements that will allow us to make a difference. The results for January 2018 show that we have taken a step in the right direction together by improving both engagement and motivation. Our employee engagement score increased by an impressive 8 percentage points.

Major improvement over last year
At the measurement in January, our engagement score increased from 66.2% to 74.2%. This means Royal FloraHolland’s score is now comparable to the benchmark of similar Dutch companies.

Engaged and motivated

Employees who are both engaged and motivated care about the work they do and the organisation. They have a positive attitude toward both and are committed to improving themselves and the organisation on an ongoing basis.


Motivated employees care about the work they do (“I love my job!”). Their job gives them energy and they like to contribute ideas on the job. They are committed to improving their work and themselves.


Engaged employees care about the organisation. They feel they are a good fit for the organisation and can help achieve its goals, and they actively contribute to further improving the organisation.

Improvements over the 2017 measurement:

  • Our employees, on average, do their work with more energy and enjoyment.
  • Employees are prouder of the organisation and speak in more positive terms about the company than before.
  • A larger number of employees describe their workload as ‘manageable’.
  • Employees notice that safety in the company has improved.
  • Managers are doing a better job of inspiring and motivating their employees.
  • Employees feel more appreciated and feel that their voices are being heard.

A culture and environment in which we can learn from each other
Nearly all employees are aware of our Toekomstplein platform as a resource for advice on training, education and employment. To help increase people’s enjoyment in the workplace, Royal FloraHolland is working to create a culture and environment in which we can learn from each other. We are also exploring ways of working more efficiently in individual departments and working to improve teamwork with other departments. This is our way of ensuring that we can work on doing what we do best in an enjoyable way: supplying fresh flowers and plants to the world. We believe there’s nothing better.
Our employment engagement score further increased to 76% during the November measurement.

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