Special moment in our history and for our cooperative

Transition from a General Members’ Meeting to a Council of Members

Royal FloraHolland and its growers and buyers are literally in the business of bringing joy by supplying the world with fresh flowers and plants. We have been filling the world with colour now for over a century, on behalf of the cooperative. Royal FloraHolland is currently the world’s largest marketplace for the floriculture industry, with more than 2,500 buyers and over 4,000 growers. All are welcome in our open marketplace. We match domestic and international supply of, and demand for, flowers and plants at competitive prices and the lowest transaction fees – a feat of which we are all very proud.

Large majority for Council of Members
Much like the marketplace itself, our decision-making processes are becoming smarter, faster and more efficient all the time. The process of electing our members to a Council of Members was yet another historic moment for the cooperative and its members. During the General Members’ Meeting held on 31 May 2018, our members approved the establishment of a Council of Members effective 1 January 2019 with a 79% majority of the votes. This new control structure will help improve the quality of the decision-making processes within the cooperative, and the General Members’ Meeting will be officially dissolved in January 2019. During the last General Members’ Meeting on 6 December, the members voted on the candidates nominated, and the Council of Members was officially put in place that same evening.

Cooperative of the future
The company and the Council of Members are building the cooperative of the future together, while continuing to develop our current cooperative structure at the same time. The Council of Members includes a total of 42 members. The Council of Members and the Management and Supervisory Board regularly discuss a number of strategic issues with each other. In addition, special member sessions are scheduled during which they can interact with members. The Council of Members acts as a point of liaison between these various parties and represents the cooperative’s more than 4,000 members.

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