Royal FloraHolland: from practising sustainability to being sustainable

Royal FloraHolland’s sustainability mission: creating a sustainable floriculture industry in which flowers and plants are grown and traded with respect for people and the environment. This is how Royal FloraHolland and its members, customers and supply chain partners work to ensure a sustainable supply tailored to the market’s needs.

Sustainability provides all kinds of opportunities. We are seeing a growing demand in the market for sustainable products, and buyers want to be able to purchase products based on sustainability criteria. Growers can compete by responding to this market demand.

Sustainability certification for 40% of plants and 63% of flowers
Certification is becoming a marketing tool for growers to be included among the preferred suppliers of the major exporters and their retail customers. In order to be a leading commercial platform for buyers, the marketplace will want to offer the most sustainable supply and remain ahead in terms of showing transparency and providing reliable information on product supply. In 2018, nearly 40% of all plants and 63% of all flowers were purchased based on sustainable certification.

Sustainable company

Royal FloraHolland is investing in renewable energy sources, as these contribute to the viability of our organisation. By making our overall energy consumption more sustainable, we will improve our current footprint by around 90%. This facilitates the sustainable trade of products by the marketplace.
To achieve our target of carbon-neutral energy consumption by 2025, we have commissioned the construction of large-scale photovoltaic systems at our Aalsmeer, Eelde and Rijnsburg sites. This will allow us to get the most out of our rooftops and generate green electricity for our own consumption.
We will have a new electricity contract from 1 January 2020, which will form the basis for the consumption of sustainably generated electricity. We are preparing our Naaldwijk site for the consumption of geothermal energy in order to meet our demand for heating. These activities will help reduce our carbon footprint. We expect the Eelde site to operate mostly on solar energy in 2019.

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