Improving services is an ongoing process

Lead time improved by 4 percentage points to 96%

Several improvements were implemented in 2018. A total of 13,000 new trolleys were purchased, logistics processes were realigned to improve efficiency at each of our sites, and an additional 100+ employees were hired and trained for the peak days in the spring. Additionally, more than 2,000 extra trolleys were made available. On 3 and 30 April and 7 and 22 May, Royal FloraHolland started its auction one hour earlier in the morning, producing excellent results. Total lead time improved by nearly 4 percentage points over 2017 (to 96%), resulting in around 1 million more transactions being delivered on time than in 2017.

Further improvements in 2019
We will remain committed to continuously improving our services in 2019. We made numerous improvements in preparation for the new year, to ensure that we will continue to perform our best every day during the 2019 peak period, working for and with our customers. We conducted a survey among more than 350 growers and buyers in the autumn to gauge their opinion on the logistics services provided by Royal FloraHolland during the peak days of 2018. We included questions on key topics such as ‘early-bird’ auction days, the availability of trolleys, and end times. The results are available on the Royal FloraHolland website. In November, we also continued our talks with various customers to gather ideas on specific improvements to be made for the peak period in the new year. An additional 15,500 extra trolleys were purchased, various measures were implemented to improve the availability of CC containers, and new ‘early-bird’ auction days were scheduled on account of the success of this initiative in 2018.

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More Highlights:



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