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Royal FloraHolland wins Dutch KAIZEN™ Award

Focusing on our customers means we improve and upgrade our services on an ongoing basis. Our entire team makes sure our services run smoothly every day and that we meet the agreed turnaround and delivery times.

Last year, for example, we held a number of ‘early-bird’ auction days at times of the week when our customers were busiest, starting the auction an hour earlier than usual. We also developed several innovative logistics services which match direct trade transactions, so that growers can use our facilities and their products are always in stock and readily deliverable.

Kaizen™ Award for structured and improved day-to-day services
We were recognised for our contribution to the industry on 8 November, when Royal FloraHolland received the Kaizen™ Award from John Verhees, managing partner of Kaizen Institute Netherlands. Kaizen Institute is an international consulting group specialising in business transformations using the Lean methodology. This is, above all, an approach where everyone and everything in the company focuses on creating value for the customer, across all processes. Royal FloraHolland received the award for its structured approach and the results it has achieved in improving its day-to-day services.

Royal FloraHolland COO Yme Pasma: “This award is a credit to the work of everyone in Operations, BTO (Business Technology Organisation) and the Samen Verbeteren (‘Improving Together’) project. I am truly proud of what we have accomplished by devoting ourselves to strategic areas and improving services to our growers and customers in the process. Our Logistics teams and the BlackBelt specialists in Transformation & Continuous Improvement at Kaizen Institute have demonstrated how we managed the many improvements to be made and how we integrate them into the organisation. This was possible only by combining the energy and effectiveness of the workplace with the methods and analyses of our experts in Samen Verbeteren/Improving Together. The Kaizen™ Award is an incentive for us to continue doing just that.”

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