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Innovative multi-use flower bucket improves efficiency and contributes to sustainability

Royal FloraHolland’s mission is to give its customers what they really need. We improve efficiency in the supply chain wherever we can. In our exports, the use of CC containers has increased due to a reduction in transaction size. An innovative multi-use flower bucket – the new Fc588 flower packaging including a model Fc588 mounting rack – improves loading conditions and helps reduce carbon emissions.

Increasing load factors
The load factor of CC containers can be configured using adjustable panels. CC containers are also easy to move around and, using towing hooks and links, they can easily to be converted into small, train-like vehicles to be used for internal transport. The containers are efficient to use, as they can be exchanged in any European country and are fully dismountable. The Fc588 flower bucket is the innovative successor to the Fc577 model. Along with the Fc598 mounting rack, they help to significantly improve efficiency. The Fc588 model has smart dimensions, which means the number of buckets loaded onto a trolley can be increased by 11% and the number of buckets on a CC container by 50%. Its curved shape also makes the new bucket easier to clean. The inside diameter of the Fc588 bucket has been increased, while the outside dimensions of the packaging ensure maximum stability.

Lower supply-chain costs and carbon emissions
With its improved load factor, which reduces supply chain expenses along with carbon emissions,
the new packaging contributes to our sustainable target of being fully carbon-neutral by 2025.
Matthijs Mesken, executive director of the Dutch Association of Wholesalers in Floriculture Products (VGB), and Yme Pasma, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Royal FloraHolland, were proud to launch the new packaging during the Trade Fair in Aalsmeer in November 2018. The packaging will be launched in the market in spring 2019.

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